Understanding the Trading UI

Below is an image taken from the main trading UI on CoinFLEX.US.

The price chart is a highly customizable view of the price history and trading activity for the selected trading pair. Down the left hand side and across the top of the chart are various tools and customization options, similar to those available on TradingView.
The order book provides information on current buy and sell orders. These can also be referred to as ‘bids’ (buy orders) and ‘asks’ (sell orders), respectively. The sell orders are displayed in red text, whereas the buy orders are displayed using green text. The larger number in the middle of the order book (between the highest bid and the lowest ask) is the last price at which the asset was traded on the exchange. The number in white to the right of this value is the market (or ‘mark’) price of the asset. The mark price is updated every 30 seconds using data from external price feeds.

The depth chart is a visual representation of the current quantity and price level of open buy and sell orders in the order book.

The trade ticket is where you can place orders in the market and execute your trades. CoinFLEX.US offers a variety of order types, including ‘Limit’, ‘Market’, and ‘Stop Limit’.

The trade history panel displays essential details of all recently executed trades from all participants in the selected market, including time, quantity, and price. If the trade is displayed in green text, the taker order was a buy; if displayed in red, the taker order was a sell.

The available balance panel displays your balance of both assets in your selected trading pair, minus currently open orders with either asset.

In the open orders panel, you will see orders that have not been executed.

The first line in the screenshot below is an example of a BTC/USDC Limit buy order that has not been executed. The order is for 0.01 BTC at a price of $40,700. It has not been filled or partially filled, and has no visible trigger conditions.

To the left, you have the option to cancel or modify the order.

The order history tab provides the same information for all previously placed orders. The status column to the right indicates whether the order was executed or canceled. In the example below, we can see the order was canceled.

The trade history tab provides similar information as the order history, except users can see the trading fee. Fees on CoinFLEX.US are always 0 and will be displayed as 0 as a reminder to users.

The balance panel shows the total value of all the assets in your account, the available balance for each asset, and the amount currently allocated to open orders.